Movement Coaching

We offer movement coaching and programming for people suffering with pain/dysfunction in the body, or those just wanting to improve their ability to move well. We do not just use concepts from one movement system but instead draw on movements from Movement rehabilitation, strength and conditioning, yoga, tai chi, Capoeira, Calisthenics, movement neurology, meditative techniques and many more. Through studying different movement systems, we have found some movement types work better for different people at different times which is why we utilise a broad range.

How it works?

The coaching starts with a consultation and assessment which can be done in person or online. It involves us finding out the issues you currently have and seeing what you are already capable of doing movement wise. We then use our online system to programme your movement routines with video footage and commentary. We find the easy access and explanations make it much more effective for patients and allow them to access and view at any time.

We also believe that just creating programme is not always effective, so we offer programmes of at least one month to make sure you get the best out of the service. Typically, we will have one initial assessment and 3 follow up sessions. The follow up sessions will involve live coaching to make sure we can give you the assistance you need to progress. Throughout the month we will normally plan several different routines. It may also require you to do certain movement routines at different times in the day.

Our programming services start from £300amonth.

This includes:

An initial consultation and assessment, 3 follow up sessions on a weekly basis to coach through and assess the movements being performed. Individual routines planned on the online portal. Day/ evening routines will be planned to include practices like movement neurology and mediation as well as others.