Our virtual treatment service provides online assessment and movement therapy for clients!

This service can be provided very effectively over a platform called ‘whereby’ and will allow us to assess you’re issues and coach you through a detailed rehabilitation/movement programme.

How can we assess and treat you at home without putting our hands on you?

We can do a lot without actually having to do hands on work. It is the actually the movement/exercise part which provides patients with greater long term results and this can all be done online!

The electronic platform we will be using for all virtual calls is called Whereby. This platform has been chosen as its a secure space and does not require you to sign up. If you have never used it before, we will explain how it works.

How does the virtual assessment, treatment and movement service work?

You may be wondering how a virtual assessment could work. It would work much the same as an assessment in person and we will instruct you all the way through. We have two different types of sessions set up:

1. For new clients: This will be an initial consultation where will assess the issue you are having and how we can help you. We will start by asking you a series of questions to find out how it’s affecting you and what your current goals are. We will then get you to do some coached movement assessments to find out what is causing your pain/dysfunction so we can get to the root of the issue. We will then get you to perform some movements to make sure you can perform them correctly and effectively. We will then send through a detailed movement rehabilitation programme with videos from us.

2. For current clients: We will be offering coached movement sessions and self treatment advice. These sessions will be an hour long and involve a detailed coached movement and rehabilitation programme. In the hour session we will be able to instruct you on how to perform exercises and will be able to deliver instructions on how to adjust the movements if they aren’t being performed correctly and make sure positioning and tempo is accurate. We will then follow up by sending the programme through to you and also checking up on your progress.

The appointments will be 60 minutes in duration and we will show you how to perform the exercises and answer any questions. Your movement routine will be sent to you within 24 hours of the appointment. We will then give you a call 48 hours after just to make sure you are happy with the movements and again to see if you have any questions about your routine.

Who can use this service?

This service is available to all clients that have a muscle, joint, ligament or tendon issue. It may not be suitable for all conditions so we will have a brief talk with you before the session over phone. If we don’t think it will be right for you, we can make recommendations on the best steps to make instead.

What conditions could this service be effective for?

I think there a number of clinical presentations that we see on a day to day basis that could be assessed and treated effectively in this way. They are as follows:

1. Back pain
2. Neck pain
3. Muscular tension
4. Sciatic Pain
5. Plantar Fasciitis
6. Knee pain
7. Running or sport related symptoms – hip, knee, and ankle symptoms
8, Shoulder pain

How can I book?

This service is not available to book on line. If you wish to book please contact 07545874501 for you can email tom@maslotherapy.com with your enquiry and we will call you back.