Maslo Therapy Sports Massage

Another common misconception is there is no gain without pain! This is not true. At Maslo Therapy we tailor the session around our clients and cater for the type of treatment they wish to receive. Clients some. You may find we carry out our sports massage in a different way from other companies you may have seen. We believe the soft tissues react better from slow and deep movements as opposed to hard and aggressive movements. It is often the case the the client will tense up to incredibly firm treatments which ends up being counter productive.

Is sports massage just for sports people?

Definitely not! Sports massage is helpful for anyone looking to release muscular tension. A common misconception is that sports massage is only for sports people – it’s not! Whilst it’s invaluable to athletes who might need pre and post event work to either loosen or repair tight muscles; sports massage is also ideal for those who don’t necessarily play sports, but perhaps sit in the same position for long periods, or carry out repetitive tasks. It can restore stiff, sore muscles to ones that move with pain-free ease; giving freedom from pain and discomfort.

What conditions can sports massage treat?

The Maslo Therapy team treats sports injuries such as:
shin splints, hamstring tears and tennis elbow, and also conditions such as scoliosis, sciatica, RSI (Repetitive Strain Injury), frozen shoulders, tight calves, hip inpingment, breathing difficulties and sore, tight shoulders, as well as stress related conditions such as tension headaches and migraines. Please give us a call and we will tell you if we can help with you’re issue!

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