Do I have to sign a contract?

For recurring programs, we have a  minimum term contract. This is subject to agreement by both parties

Can it be  paid for by employees?

We provide employer-paid Therapy and massage only. . We believe in working with companies who choose to invest in their employees.

What’s included in a Therapy and Massage program?

It is tailored to each individual company depending on what is required. Our more premium programme can incorporate online employee booking and online system.

Can I pay for the year in full?

We offer a 5% discount to companies who want to pay for the full year up front.

Can I try out your Therapy services first?

Absolutely. We offer a demo to any company wanting to see what we do before committing.

What if I end up needing more or less hours than booked?

We need 30 days notice to decrease your monthly hours, but we can usually accommodate extending the hours with 24 hours notice.