Massage feels good, but there’s more to it!


Whether it’s monthly, weekly, or even daily, creating a massage wellness program for your office comes with a lot of benefits both for you and for your employees. You see, it is more than just massage. It lowers stress while boosting productivity. It improves physical and mental well- being while cutting down on sick days. A short session also contributes to calm minds, better self-awareness, and more motivation throughout the day.

Massage benefits
corporate massage closeup

So What is Corporate Massage?

Our Corporate Therapy wellness programs are carried out by specialists in a range of different massage techniques. Our Trained therapists are highly qualified and will work to create a relaxing massage treatment targeted at releasing the work related stress of employees

What does a session entail?

Our sessions involve a relaxing and rejuvenating massage treatment either with clothes on or clothes off.

What Qualifications do Our Therapists have?

We employ therapists with a range of different backgrounds and skills including: Remedial massage, Swedish Massage, Chair Massage and Indian Head massage.